Business and public sector accountability experience

The only candidate with experience in both government accountability and private sector land use and construction

Understanding accountability in business and government

Omar’s career before going into the business world was in public health and government accountability. He started his career while obtaining a Master’s Degree in Public Health evaluating a HOPE VI neighborhood revitalization project, which sought to determine the best way to use taxpayer resources with regard to public housing. Omar is also the only candidate with federal government-level experience, having evaluated the proper use of public money for the United States Department of Health & Human Services. This work included:

  • Understanding root causes of critical public health issues.
  • Helping define success and work through proper metrics.
  • Preparing recommendations on budget choices for health and human services programs under the Government Performance and Results Act and the Public Health Service’s 1% program evaluation.

As an attorney, Omar has struck a balance between the needs of private sector business clients, advising large public entities, and understanding the needs of employees. Omar’s career has included:

  • Representing public entities at the state and local levels.
  • Working through private sector land use issues ranging from project entitlements to boundary disputes to issues related to where a business may operate.
  • Litigated the defense of employment disputes, provided advice on employee concerns, and defended property owners in public and private disputes.

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Omar is proud of his background in business and in government accountability and sees these as assets for his progressive values.  These unique experiences enable him to balance important considerations presented by both business owner and employee on the one hand, while understanding how to hold government decision-making to a high standard of accountability and transparency on the other. Omar values and understands the important role that an employee’s right to organize for a collective voice has in a properly functioning marketplace and he has enjoyed working with a diverse set of business clients throughout his career.

“Omar walks the walk he talks about: He is passionate about helping our community, inspired by his own challenging experiences as a child raised within the foster care system, and demonstrates this through his work with organizations such as United Way, Voices for Children and Rachel’s Women’s Center. With a background as a land use and construction attorney, Omar is the only candidate in this race with significant experience in the private sector. For starters, I see Omar as the right candidate to lead us through our housing and homelessness crises in this region.”

Jean Walcher

Business Owner

About Omar

Omar Passons is a San Diego native who grew up in the County foster care system with over 100 foster brothers and sisters. He has a business background, having started and sold a business and worked for over 12 years mostly in the private sector in land use, construction, employment and business litigation. He attributes much of his success in getting a Master’s Degree in Public Health and being a land use and construction attorney to his foster parents and strong early support from the County system. He is running to fight for all children, for our seniors, and for a local government that is more focused on long-term change for San Diegans and less on reactionary politics. The election is June 5th.

You can reach Omar directly by emailing him at with any thoughts or questions.