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Proud to be endorsed by the community's voice - Voice & Viewpoint - and by the San Diego Free Press and the San Diego Union-Tribune

Omar speaks about the source of his passion for helping our community

Commitment to our community

Omar Passons has been a candidate for the Board of Supervisors, District Four, since the day Donald Trump was sworn into office but he has been committed to our community in San Diego for many years before that. His actions speak louder than words:

  • (2004) Former Board Member Project New Village/Children Having Children
  • (2004-2006) Somali youth mentor President John Adams Manor
  • (2005) Coach Jackie Robinson YMCA Youth Soccer
  • (2005-2014) Board of North Park Community Association
  • (2012) Past President Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association
  • (2013 – present) San Diego Workforce Partnership
  • Links Achievers Mentor
  • Member NAACP/MLK Democratic Club
  • (2012) Board – Homeless Women’s Services Advisory Committee

Commitment to community is shown in actions, when no one is looking, there is no credit to be had and no limelight to stand in. Omar has been committed to making a difference his entire life because he recognizes the simple truth that to whom much is given much is owed. He is fortunate to have had the support of the system and surrogate mothers and aunties across the 4th Supervisor’s District.

He will not ever forget the people who made his life possible.

“I support Omar because he has an unwavering dedication to all underserved youth and families. He knows that anyone given a true chance in life can thrive and he has a proven track record of helping people and connecting them to needed support. Omar will bring much needed drive, passion and hard work to the 4th District County Supervisor’s office.”

Francine Maxwell

Educational Activist

About Omar

Omar Passons is a San Diego native who grew up in the County foster care system with over 100 foster brothers and sisters. He attributes much of his success in getting a Master’s Degree in Public Health and being a land use and construction attorney to his foster parents and strong early support from the County system. He is running to fight for all children, for our seniors, and for a local government that is more focused on long-term change for San Diegans and less on reactionary politics. The election is June 5th.

You can reach Omar directly by emailing him at omar@omarpassons.com with any thoughts or questions.

Omar listens to Robert Tambuzi share thoughts about the community

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