Our campaign is focused on building support from the people — community leaders, business owners, parents and others — who make San Diego a great place to be. I am a native San Diegan and am passionate about improving this community, which starts with fellow San Diegans.

Community Leaders for Omar

N. Diane Moss

Co-Founder Project New Village
“I support Omar's campaign because I know him to be a smart and honest person with the courage and commitment to address issues that are important to me. Omar's campaign has prioritized the well-being of the most vulnerable of humankind; and equitable access and use of public resources. Also, close to my heart, is the issue of community food sovereignty. I trust that he will represent me and my interests in the public arena; and I know he will be an excellent public servant-leader in San Diego County for the greater good.”

Linda Katz

Civic/Social Activist
“I am a proud supporter for Omar Passons for County Supervisor in the 4th District. Omar will work to ensure everyone in the San Diego region has the opportunity to achieve. Omar will work to keep our communities safe, thriving, and affordable. Omar is a community advocate, a local business leader, a tireless advocate for San Diego and deeply committed to making our community work for everyone.”

Francine Maxwell

Educational Activist
“I support Omar because he has an unwavering dedication to all underserved youth and families. He knows that anyone given a true chance in life can thrive and he has a proven track record of helping people and connecting them to needed support. Omar will bring much needed drive, passion and hard work to the 4th District County Supervisor's office.”

Edwin Lohr

Former President, North Park Community Association
“I have known Omar for more than a decade as a dedicated leader in North Park from community organizing to helping improve all of our neighborhoods. Omar has compassion and integrity and really will be a great Supervisor.”

Laurie Black

Civic Leader
“Omar Passons is a community leader whose visionary leadership creates other leaders, not followers. He has the capacity to translate his vision for San Diego County into a reality for everyone from infants to seniors. The implementation of his #Housing4All and #StrongStarts4All plans would be positive fundamental change throughout San Diego County. We need Omar's heart in government!”

Eden Yaege

“I support Omar Passons for County Supervisor because I share his commitment to finding sustainable, systemic answers to the problems facing San Diego. We both believe in the critical importance of taking care of our youth and other vulnerable populations. In addition, we also agree that this must be done in a fiscally responsible manner. Omar will bring his experience as an attorney, his public health background and his dedication to serving on local, community groups to this position and it will be a strong, multi-dimensional perspective.”

John Ambert

Chair Ocean Beach Planning Board
“I care deeply about the environment and my community. Omar Passons understands community because he is a community leader not a career politician. I'm glad to support him for County Board of Supervisors.”

Kath Rogers

President, Hillcrest Town Council
“I first met Omar Passons ten years ago when he led community members cleaning up a park to make it safe for children. Omar is a leader with integrity whose values I admire. He understands community needs and will be great for San Diego on the Board of Supervisors.”

Kristen Rugile

Realtor and Oak Park Community Council Treasurer
“I really look forward to having Omar Passons as an ally for our neighborhood on the Board of Supervisors. It's important to have people creating opportunity for our community and not just another career politician looking for a job. Omar is at our meetings even when there are no photo ops.”

Cory Lacy

Attorney And Former Clairemont Town Council Member
“I know Omar has been a community leader for many years. He is the right type of compassionate and earnest leader for the Board of Supervisors, not just another career politician.”

Robert Tambuzi

Community Leader, Southeastern San Diego and Member of Black Men United
“Omar is a straight shooter, not a career politician. I am thrilled he is running for the Board of Supervisors because he understands neighborhood issues and really listens to the community.”

Youth Advocates for Omar

Laura Kohn

Community Advocate for Early Education & PK-12 grade
“After working side-by-side with Omar on several projects, I can testify that he acts from both the head and the heart - what makes sense and what matters. He brings innate, unshakable integrity to anything he does. And he is not afraid to speak truth to power, but does so with grace, persistence and a lawyer’s instinct for how best to make a successful argument. Our county needs Omar now.”

Vernon Moore

Educational Administrator
“Over ten years ago, I first met Omar when I was a principal and he was a community leader advocating for the residents and businesses of his neighborhood. His support was invaluable to the successful opening of ALBA Community Day School in North Park. Over a decade later, Omar has consistently demonstrated incredible leadership, character and integrity by continuing to advocate for communities, for education and for opportunities for all. I am proud to support Omar Passons for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.”

Heather Lattimer

Professor of Education
“Omar is a passionate advocate for children, youth, and families in San Diego. He is committed to making a meaningful difference in creating opportunity for the next generation.”

Business Leaders for Omar

Dave Gatzke

Long-Time Real Estate Professional
“For me, Omar Passons is that person that you always wish would run for office because he has unwavering integrity and a deep understanding about what our neighborhood and county need. His commitment to children and seniors extends to my area of passion -- attainable housing for all...”

Ginger Hitzke

Affordable Housing Developer
“As an affordable housing developer, I want to see leadership that listens and understands how important the need is. Omar Passons has been fighting for affordable homes in our region and supporting these efforts for years and his skills and experience make him the best choice to be the next addition to the County Board of Supervisors.”

Jean Walcher

Business Owner
“Omar walks the walk he talks about: He is passionate about helping our community, inspired by his own challenging experiences as a child raised within the foster care system, and demonstrates this through his work with organizations such as United Way, Voices for Children and Rachel’s Women’s Center. With a background as a land use and construction attorney, Omar is the only candidate in this race with significant experience in the private sector. For starters, I see Omar as the right candidate to lead us through our housing and homelessness crises in this region.”

Howard Blackson

Urban Designer
“I support Omar Passons because he has the professional experience and detail orientation necessary for such an important job. The Board of Supervisors needs a diverse perspective and not a career politician and Omar brings both of those to the table. He has the track record and experience to be the type of Supervisor San Diego County needs.”

Julia Perez

South Park Community Leader and Small Business Owner
“Omar has been committed to our community for many years. He is genuine and knowledgeable and his background working with business is helpful to our community. I am proud to support Omar Passons as our next Supervisor.”

Scot Blair

Owner of Hamilton's Tavern & South Park Brewing Company
“I have known Omar Passons as a community leader and dedicated supporter of both small business and the craft beer community for years. He understands the important role our industry plays both as a neighborhood gathering space and as an economic development engine. I am glad he's not just another career politician running for a seat but really cares about this community.”

Mikey Knab

Director of Operations, Meza Family Restaurant Group
“I am so excited to have the opportunity to vote for someone like Omar Passons. As a business owner, I know that investing in our communities is the most important way to ensure long term success. Over the past few years, I've learned that Omar is honest, open-minded, dedicated, and passionate. He has developed excellent plans for making sure that our county addresses our current issues while staying focused on our future. For these reasons, and many more, I wholeheartedly support Omar.”

LGBTQ Leaders for Omar

Anne Wilson

Affordable Housing Advocate
“Omar will bring strong private sector business experience to the job of Supervisor. He understands how to provide more opportunities for homeowners and affordable apartments AND he understands the county's role in healthcare, senior and youth services. Few candidates bring this hands-on experience.”

John Tedstrom

Business Consultant
“Omar Passons will be San Diego's Supervisor for the LGBTQ community. His core values of fairness, equality and inclusion have guided him since his youth and his commitment to standing up for queer people in San Diego is authentic. Omar knows first hand how smart, fair and inclusive governments can change lives for the better. He doesn’t put his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. With Omar we’ll have a Supervisor that LGBTQ San Deigans can trust and be proud of.”

Maureen Steiner

Former Chair, San Diego County Democratic Party
“Let me be completely transparent here: I have known Omar in a few different capacities now and haven't always agreed with him on everything. But I am supporting Omar as a candidate for Board of Supervisors because I believe he is actually the MODEL candidate for this job! Omar's life experiences, Omar's passion for the issues that are handled by the supervisors, Omar's overall intelligence and thoughtfulness are EXACTLY what I would want to see on the board. I endorse him without hesitation or exception.”

Robert Hubbard

Financial Services Professional
“I'm proud to support Omar Passons because I know he will fight for the rights of the underserved. Growing up in the foster system, Omar is well aware of the needs of those in our community who need a champion. Omar will fight for those in San Diego County that need it the most. The LGBTQ community, homeless communities, and those still living in poverty will find that champion in Omar.”

Bill Kelly

LGBT Senior Advocate and Former Caregiver
“My husband and I have served as family caregivers for our respective parents half of our 40 years together. We know the sacrifices it requires and the toll it takes on seniors and their caregivers. I know Omar Passons has a long commitment to LGBT equality and inclusiveness and believe he is the best choice to represent us on the Board of Supervisors.”

Chefs for Omar

Joanne Sherif

Small Business Owner
“I am a small business owner/resident of North Park. I really can't remember if I first met Omar at my cafe, a Bird Park Concert or at a North Park Community Association meeting. I do know that he is woven into the fabric of North Park and greater San Diego as a volunteer, a supporter of small business, and a neighbor. He cares deeply about the quality of life of our children, homeless individuals and Seniors. He has worked hard to support a livable, walkable,& bikable community and he has the character, fortitude and experience to create a better San Diego. We can depend on him to take a fresh look at the issues facing our county and do the work to create solutions needed now and into the future. Omar has been there for us and I know he'll show up for you too.”

Hanis Cavin

Co-Founder Carnitas Snack Shack
“I believe in Omar Passons. He has been great helping raise money for back of house staff, he cares about the community and understands the pressures small business owners face. He is the best choice to be our next County Supervisor.”

Philip Esteban

Chef, Born & Raised
“I support Omar because he has values I agree with and cares deeply about our community. He also supports locally owned restaurants and their staff, which I am grateful for. I am looking forward to his leadership.”

Julie Darling

Small Business Owner; Founder, Just Call Us Volunteers
“I am a big fan of Omar after meeting him in person and speaking with him.
We are both very interested in helping/serving our homeless and breaking the cycle of homelessness in our youth. With Omar’s personal experience in foster care, he has a perspective that I have rarely if ever found in our elected officials. I have found him to be passionate, sincere, honest and full of integrity. These qualities and his core values are what we need in all our elected officials.”

Chef Fred Piehl

The Smoking Goat & One Door North
“Omar has been a strong supporter of small businesses in our community for years. He has the right professional background and character for this role and I support him to be our next Supervisor.”

Tommy Gomes

Catalina Offshore Products
“People know I place a premium on integrity and that's why I believe Omar Passons is the best candidate for the County Board of Supervisors. His values are clear and his commitment to helping people get second chances means a lot to me.”

Brewers for Omar

Douglas Constantiner

Co-Founder Societe Brewing Co.
“Omar understands the hard work and risks that small business owners must take to succeed. He sees the economic impact of San Diego's craft beer industry. I support Omar Passons because his combination of private sector experience and compassion makes him the right person to be the next County Supervisor.”

Jim Crute

Owner Lightning Brewery
“I am a trained scientist and small business owner with a passion for brewing. I support Omar Passons for County Supervisor because he has the professional background and independence for the job. He has a private sector background so he also understands and respects the challenges business owners face. He is the right person to lead our region forward.”

Greg Koch

Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co.
“Omar Passons has been a supporter of the craft beer community and a leader in San Diego with consistent values for years. I value that he is an independent thinker
who is committed to the betterment of San Diego. His leadership will be great for the San Diego region.”

Peter Zien

AleSmith Owner
“Omar Passons is the type of leader we want to see in our government. He is smart, compassionate, and most important is consistent in his values. We are small business owners who care about our employees and Omar has the right professional background to move our region forward. We are excited to support him for the County Board of Supervisors.”

Kelsey McNair

Owner North Park Beer Co.
“I am a brewer, but I also am responsible for several people's livelihood and I am a father of a young daughter and a husband. My wife and I have known Omar Passons for years as a leader in this community and a supporter of not just craft beer but also in helping children and improving San Diego. We support him for the County Board of Supervisors because he has integrity, is authentic, and really cares about helping make life better for others.”

Shawn DeWitt

Co-Founder Coronado Brewing Company
“Omar is knowledgeable about the issues that impact the craft beer industry but also about fighting for issues that help all San Diegans. I am proud to support him for the County Board of Supervisors. I have known Omar Passons for years and he has always been focused on doing things to help others over himself.”

Women for Omar

Erin Passons

Omar's Wife & Business Owner
“I’ve known Omar since we were kids, and he’s always been committed to helping people. He feels a strong personal responsibility to make the world a better place, in whatever ways he can. This campaigning process isn't easy, and I wouldn't sacrifice so much of our time, hard work, and energy if I didn't believe strongly in Omar's ability to make a difference.”

Sarah Dolgen Shaftel

Women's Rights Advocate
“I am proudly supporting Omar Passons because of his commitment to the children of San Diego. Omar knows first hand how vital it is that we put our children’s education first. His commitment to setting our local children up for success is unique and genuine. Omar is a loud and proud ally to and for women. He cares and values what women have to say. He shows up and stands up for and with us. Once elected, Omar will lead not just intelligence but with heart. This is the change we need to see for our city and in our country.”

Melinda Forstey

Senior Advocate
“Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Omar. He has taken the time to learn about some of the issues I am most passionate about: seniors, homelessness, and affordable housing. Omar has truly demonstrated a sincere interest in learning about the issues our community faces and embodies the integrity, values, and vision of a community leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Omar for County Supervisor.”

Joy Utomi

“It's not everyday that a candidate running for office is as selflessly committed to improving the community as Omar Passons. Omar is tenacious, innovative, and compassionate, and I am honored to support his candidacy for San Diego County Supervisor!”

Jeanne Jones

Arts Advocate
“When I met Omar I was so impressed with his enthusiasm, educational background and love for the arts. Having served on both boards and committees promoting a variety of projects for the arts in San Diego, and currently serving on the Board of the La Jolla Playhouse, I am delighted and impressed by his interest in the arts.”

Kristin Blackson

Environmental Planner
“Omar has my support, not only because his values align with mine, but because I trust Omar to make the right decisions for the right reason. I know Omar will work diligently, including all stakeholders, to resolve the issues facing the County of San Diego.”

Megan Lim Blair

Non-Profit Leader
“I know and trust Omar to be well informed and to make smart and balanced decisions on the subjects that matter to me the most — access to education, investment in our youth, and a thriving San Diego community.”

Dea Hurston

Arts Advocate
“I am a long-time advocate and former Commissioner for the arts in San Diego, and I am excited to support Omar Passons for San Diego County Supervisor. Omar is the product of a performing arts education here in San Diego, and he really understands how critical it is to support the arts. I encourage everyone I know, especially those in our vibrant arts community, to vote Passons on June 5th.”

Nancy Stagg

Attorney/Business Owner
“I proudly support Omar Passons for San Diego County Supervisor because I have seen firsthand Omar’s dedication to improving the lives of San Diego’s youth. I believe that Omar will work smart and hard to make a positive difference in the lives of many San Diegans if he is elected. Omar IS a true San Diego success story, and we are fortunate he now wants to use his skills and talent to make San Diego County a better place for all us. Omar’s exciting vision for our county’s future is one that I share. I look forward to seeing Omar lead San Diego County into that future.”

Adrianna Kripke

“I support Omar because his unique combination of pragmatism, integrity, and compassion will help our county thrive. Omar understands that the county needs to support our youth and plan for livable communities to succeed, and he has proposed practical solutions that will improve the lives of all San Diegans now and in the future.”

Organizations for Omar