Commitment to Equality

An ally for equality. Always.

Equality and equal treatment under the law is as fundamental as any tenet in our system. Ensuring equality requires that we be vigilant and that our elected leadership stand up in the face of hate. Both as a candidate and throughout his life Omar Passons has been an ally in the fight for full equality:

  • Served on the Board of Lambda Archives of San Diego to protect and preserve LGBTQ history in the region
  • Stood opposed to Proposition 8 and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Supported Project Sunburst of the LGBT Center to serve homeless LGBTQ Youth
  • Endorsed by the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association

Whether the issue is access to appropriate health care, proper gender recognition, or upholding all rights of spouses and partners in matters concerning families and children, we believe equal means equal and our leaders must act accordingly.

 “I’m proud to support Omar Passons because I know he will fight for the rights of the underserved. Growing up in the foster system, Omar is well aware of the needs of those in our community who need a champion. Omar will fight for those in San Diego County that need it the most. The LGBTQ community, homeless communities, and those still living in poverty will find that champion in Omar.”

Robert Hubbard

Financial Services Professional

About Omar

Omar Passons is a San Diego native who grew up in the County foster care system with over 100 foster brothers and sisters. He attributes much of his success in getting a Master’s Degree in Public Health and being a land use and construction attorney to his foster parents and strong early support from the County system. He is running to fight for all children, for our seniors, and for a local government that is more focused on long-term change for San Diegans and less on reactionary politics. The election is June 5th.

You can reach Omar directly by emailing him here with any thoughts or questions.

Endorsed by Tom Homann LGBT Law Association

Omar is proud to be endorsed by the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association