Plans & Initiatives


Providing substance and well-researched policy takes time and depth. Below are detailed plans on specific topics impacting our region, more will be added as they are developed. We started with economic opportunityhomelessness, housing, and support for children/youth. To learn where I stand on a range of other issues facing the County click the green button. 

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Action on Homelessness

Click this link for our Hope4Homeless detail page and to download the full plan, which is a compassionate, evidence-based approach that calls for regional leadership from the County of San Diego. Highlights:

  • Up to $100 Million to build/renovate modest apartments for homeless

  • Additional Outreach/Navigation staff to connect homeless to permanent housing

  • Leadership and support for existing Regional Plan to not duplicate effort

  • KEY Homeless Youth Framework with specific elements focused on homeless youth

Our plan highlights the critical support County leadership must provide and includes a special focus on youth homeless - an often overlooked but critical priority area. Detail page

An Economic Future for Every San Diegan

It is time for the San Diego region to begin a shift that intentionally broadens economic opportunities for everyone. Our Opportunity4All inclusive economic plan moves the region in this direction.


  • Leverage the County's $1 Billion annual spend on procurement to be more inclusive of intentionally disinvested communities

  • Establish an Economic Development division in the Chief Administrative Office and entrepreneurship training & capital access in LiveWell Centers

  • Promote career ladders to in-demand fields and the training to achieve the opportunities

Our plan is focused on the County's leadership role. Click HERE for our details page.


Homes & Communities

Click this link for our Housing4All detail page, a balanced regional plan to address the housing crisis. Highlights:

  • Bring down the cost to rent/buy homes by increasing supply and supporting affordable housing measure

  • Overhaul zoning code in unincorporated County to create flexibility

  • Protect back country while creating opportunities to build in urbanizing zones

The plan combines a practical approach to increasing both the market rate supply of homes and the extreme shortage of subsidized affordable rental homes. Detail page

Prioritizing Our Youth

Click this link for our StrongStarts4All detail page. Our plan is a comprehensive approach to support every child in the San Diego region from birth. Highlights:

  • Scale evidence-based home visit program to teach every expectant parent key skills

  • Mental health/nutrition/academic support in transition years

  • Subsidized transportation and paid internships to better support youth access to the world of work and job skills

  • Support for the arts/cultural opportunities to ensure critical access to regional treasures like Balboa Park

The plan is based on our core value that every child has a right to a strong start in life. Detail Page