Issues Facing San Diego County

Action on Homelessness


San Diego County must do more to tackle homelessness and partner with our cities. Our Hope4Homeless plan highlights the critical support County leadership must provide and includes a special focus on youth homeless – an often overlooked but critical priority area.

Homes & Communities


Our region’s housing is unaffordable and the County’s policies can make a real difference. Our Housing4All plan combines a practical approach to increasing both the market rate supply of homes and the extreme shortage of subsidized affordable rental homes.

Prioritizing our Youth


Long-term thinking in San Diego to improve quality of life requires better support for our youth from birth. Our StrongStarts4All plan is based on a core value that every child has a right to a strong start in life and that start helps everyone in our community.

An Economic Future for Everyone

It is time for the San Diego region to begin a shift that intentionally broadens economic opportunities for everyone. Policies such as redlining have institutionalized inequity. Our Opportunity4All plan fosters inclusion by rethinking procurement policies, supports more youth entrepreneurship, and expands access to Blue Technology, IT, Health Care and other high-growth fields that will make our region more economically competitive.

A Clean, Connected and Safe San Diego

I will fight for better and smarter transportation options so that communities don’t just get more traffic, they get better options. The world of transportation is changing and to better protect our planet and improve our economy we must change with it. This means major investment in the right public transit, pushing for full implementation of SANDAG early action projects, full Metropolitan Transit System bus electrification, and preparing for shared autonomous and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology.

Support for Seniors Aging Independently

Senior citizens have become our forgotten generation and that must end now. If elected, I will push for retrofitting homes, better transportation support, policies that make access to affordable health care easier, better support for dementia-related care and incentives to increase social inclusion for seniors within our communities.

Legal, Responsible, Regulated Cannabis

If elected, I will push for legal, regulated, and available access to Cannabis and all elements of the distribution chain. The voters of the 4th Supervisor’s District – and across this state – resoundingly passed Proposition 64 and it is time for the County to do its part to support the responsible implementation of medical and adult use Cannabis.

The Critical Importance of Tourism and Hospitality

It is 70 degrees in February and our beaches are clean and easy to get to. San Diego will always have a robust tourism draw. If elected, I will focus additional support for the arts, career ladders for our youth, and support for connecting tourists to our diverse communities for longer, more culturally rich opportunities. The region is home to the highest concentration of independent craft breweries in the region, a substantial active sports cluster, an international border, and miles of outdoor fun. Supporting our tourism and hospitality sectors is good business for San Diego.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System is Critical

Every death in custody must be investigated independently. As a region, we must commit both to the humane treatment of incarcerated persons and to the evidence-based approaches that we know will decrease the number of people who come in contact with our justice system. Increased resources for expungement of felonies after time served, expansion of proven recidivism reduction workforce programs, and further support of youthful offender policy changes currently under way will all improve the safety of our communities in the long run.

A World Class Arts Scene for All Ages

Few regions in the country send more plays to Broadway. Balboa Park, Liberty Station Arts District, The La Jolla Playhouse, Cignet Theatre and more provide San Diego with a robust performing arts scene that can become world class with support. As a product of San Diego School for Creative & Performing Arts (SCPA), I know that embracing the County’s role in our regional arts community is good for child development, good for cultural enrichment for all ages, and great for our regional economy.

Veterans & Military Families

The San Diego region is home to the second largest military veteran community in the state and our County must properly support them and their families. Strengthening the support and leadership of the County’s Office of Military & Veterans Affairs is critical. Further, we allow too much talent from our military officers separating from service to leave our region and we must develop innovative ways to make housing more affordable and business opportunities more accessible


The fourth Supervisor’s District is the most diverse in the region and we must stand with the many immigrants from Central and South America, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burma and across our globe. High-quality, culturally competent support will improve our community for everyone.

Mental Health

The County of San Diego is our region’s most significant provider of mental health services and support. Ensuring timely and efficient use of state and federal resources through Prop. 63 and other sources will ease issues related to homelessness, domestic violence, gun violence and suicide prevention in our communities.

Open Government

Documents, deliberations and information must be open and available for all residents to see and understand. We take a strong position in favor of greater transparency and default that information should be freely available unless a strong case can be made against it.


We must protect against climate change by moving to 100% clean energy and supporting Community Choice Energy. To further environmental justice, the County must also be a leader in protecting and cleaning San Diego watershed areas in our canyons in City Heights, North Park, University Heights and throughout the fourth district.