LGBTQ Leaders 4 Omar

I have always been a supporter not only of marriage equality and the right to love as your heart dictates, but for advancement and equality broadly for the LGBTQ community.

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Maureen Steiner, former Chair, SD County Democratic Party

""Let me be completely transparent here: I have known Omar in a few different capacities now and haven't always agreed with him on everything. But I am supporting Omar as a candidate for Board of Supervisors because I believe he is actually the MODEL candidate for this job! Omar's life experiences, Omar's passion for the issues that are handled by the supervisors, Omar's overall intelligence and thoughtfulness are EXACTLY what I would want to see on the board. I endorse him without hesitation or exception.""

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Robert Hubbard, Activist

"I'm proud to support Omar Passons because I know he will fight for the rights of the underserved. Growing up in the foster system, Omar is well aware of the needs of those in our community who need a champion. Omar will fight for those in San Diego County that need it the most. The LGBTQ community, homeless communities, and those still living in poverty will find that champion in Omar."

Anne Wilson, Affordable Housing Advocate

"Omar will bring strong private sector business experience to the job of Supervisor. He understands how to provide more opportunities for homeowners and affordable apartments AND he understands the county's role in healthcare, senior and youth services. Few candidates bring this hands-on experience."


Linda Katz, Civic/Social Activist

"I am a proud supporter for Omar Passons for County Supervisor in the 4th District. Omar will work to ensure everyone in the San Diego region has the opportunity to achieve. Omar will work to keep our communities safe, thriving, and affordable. Omar is a community advocate, a local business leader, a tireless advocate for San Diego and deeply committed to making our community work for everyone.”