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Press Coverage

Our campaign continues to gain traction with voters who want a leader who puts their needs first and who will fight for children, seniors, and a community that is affordable.

San Diego Union-Tribune

May 7, 2018

San Diego Free Press

May 2, 2018

April 30, 2018

San Diego Union-Tribune
May 24, 2018

San Diego Union-Tribune
April 4, 2018

BisTalk Radio
April 3, 2018

San Diego Free Press
January 24, 2018

San Diego CityBeat
September 6, 2017

San Diego Uptown News
August 25, 2017

KSDY Interview
August 8, 2017

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San Diego CityBeat
July 25, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune
April 25, 2017

San Diego Reader
February 1, 2017


A Fresh Face For A Fresh Start with Omar Passons & Erik Newton


Click below for short videos of Passons describing key issues facing the San Diego region.

Press Conference | 11/15/2017

Passons announces release of comprehensive StrongStarts4All plan for youth.

Interview | 1/2018

Interview (Pt. I) – Passons discusses growing up in foster care, his background in public health and the law and advice for students and young lawyers. (More:

Discussion | Fall 2017

Passons calls for greater support for San Diego seniors.

Discussion | Fall 2017

One-minute explanation of why Passons is running for the Board of Supervisors.

Discussion | Read HOUSING4ALL

Passons describes key pillars of Housing4All plan to make San Diego more affordable.

Discussion | Fall 2017

Passons highlights key early interventions that prepare children for school.

Discussion | Fall 2017

Passons discusses massive imbalance in rental increase versus renter’s income increases.

Craft Beer

Passons details economic importance of San Diego Craft Beer.

Discussion | Fall 2017

Padilla from Passons campaign explain campaign values in Spanish.

Discussion | Fall 2017

Important call to help the homeless not criminalize them.

Supervisor Candidate Omar Passons calls on County of San Diego to lead on making high quality childcare more affordable and available across the region.

Candidate Passons lays out three key steps that are part of his Hope4Homeless plan to address regional homelessness crisis.