My Story…


A little bit about me

I was born in San Diego, 10 weeks premature, at 2 pounds, 8 ounces – small enough to fit in an adult’s hand.  The County of San Diego-funded emergency health care for the poor saved my life in a neonatal intensive care unit.  But my biological mother was disabled and suffered from mental illness and was never going to be able to take care of me, so at 10 months old I entered San Diego County’s foster care system.

In foster care, I found loving parents, a speech pathologist for a stutter I developed, a child psychologist to help me through early rough spots, nutritious food, and educational support and encouragement.  All of these strong, early supports built a foundation for my life.  They equipped me with the tools I needed not only to graduate from high school, something half of all foster children don’t do, but to attend and graduate from college, earn a Master’s Degree in Public Health and then go on after completing law school to achieve a successful career as a land use and construction attorney.

My ability to thrive in this community and to become a good citizen and leader in this community has been grounded in both my own hard work and perseverance and in early and ongoing support in childhood. 

I am grateful and fortunate to be in the position now to return the favor to hundreds of thousands of children in our region – from wealthy to working class – to transform our region’s future for those children, their families, and the health of our regional economy.

With passion and commitment,