Veteran’s Day: Honoring the sacrifice

Each year, we take a moment on November 11th to honor our nation’s veterans and their families.  The holiday started as a celebration of the end of World War I and a hope that we would find a way to avoid war moving forward. Although only about 7% of San Diego County’s population are military veterans, we are a community with a very deep tradition of honoring the sacrifice they and their families have made. As a former Certified Nurses Aide in a Veterans Administration Medical Center, I have a very personal appreciation for that sacrifice and this is a day that makes me grateful for what by oldest brother, my brother in law, my uncle and many others have given in service to our country.

As someone who did not serve our country in this way, I imagine I am like many in our community who nevertheless very much wants to show respect for the people who did.

My answer: San Diego Veterans Coalition

This is a collection of a wide variety of Veteran-serving organizations throughout the County and provides a great opportunity for anyone looking to honor our veterans by giving of themselves. I will honor our veterans by learning from the members of this organization so that I can help serve them and their families. But these organizations also present great chances for people to give of their time or their financial resources to help.  I am grateful for the freedom I enjoy and the opportunity to work hard to ensure that every San Diegan has the same chance.