Honoring military families through service

Honoring people who lost their lives defending our country and defending Democracy is one of the most solemn traditions we have. Living in San Diego, we are all touched by those who serve - and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice - more than many other parts of the country by virtue of having the largest concentration of military personnel in the United States. They are our bosses and friends, our spouses and co-workers, our sons and daughters. On this Memorial Day, when I join fellow members of the Truman National Security Project at a sunrise ceremony to lay roses at the final resting places of over 30,000 veterans at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery I will be quietly paying respect to another important group as well.  I will be paying respect to the wives and husbands and sons and daughters and mothers and fathers of those same veterans. Their sacrifice for our county also runs deep.

militaryOmar Passons