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North Park Festival of Arts (5/12) – Parent Comfort Room & Kids’ Play Area!

North Park Festival of Arts (5/12) – Parent Comfort Room & Kids’ Play Area!

On Saturday, May 12th, the Festival of Arts returns to North Park! Our campaign is driven in large part by my deep passion to better support children and seniors.  To help our youngest children (and their parents), we have decided to offer a few helpful comforts and some fun for the kiddos!

At our campaign office (located at 3815 Grim Ave, across from Mike Hess Brewing) you’ll find:

  1. Private, air-conditioned room for pumping/nursing/quiet time
  2. Changing stations for older kids
  3. Bathroom (for parents/grandparents/caregivers only)
  4. Arts/Crafts/Slime area outside

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT able to provide actual child care on site, just a calm place for parents if they want a little privacy, a clean bathroom and to learn about why my candidacy has been so focused on our region’s children.

Our commitment to our region’s children and families drives this campaign and I am living proof of what happens when we better support children from the earliest stages!  Come have fun, hang out, and enjoy a great event for all ages.

Read our StrongStarts4All plan

  • Includes steps to bring down the cost of quality child care, home visits, improved arts access, youth mental health support and more

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