The San Diego County Board of Supervisors - how the County impacts every San Diegan

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Omar discusses the role of County Supervisor

Give me the basics

The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors has duties inside cities like San Diego and Chula Vista and outside cities in the unincorporated areas like Bonita and Julian.  The Board of Supervisors is kind of like the Board of Directors of a company because it sets a vision for the County government and then the Chief Executive works with her staff to implement that vision. There are three big areas of County influence:

  • Public Health & The Social Safety Net: The Board of Supervisors impacts everything from preventing disease outbreaks to food stamps, child welfare, senior services, cash aid to the poor
  • Community Safety & Courts: Sheriffs, Probation, the Courts, the Jails the District Attorney and Public Defenders are all County functions
  • Land Use & the Environment: The County Board of Supervisors oversees city-like building and planning services for 500,000 people outside of cities as well as regional input on transportation, environmental protection, air quality, and even agriculture.

Below you’ll find more details, but the County Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to impact homelessness, mental health services, high quality, affordable child care, senior services, housing prices, transportation, our criminal justice system, the environment and many other areas.

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“I’m proud to support Omar Passons because I know he will fight for the rights of the underserved. Growing up in the foster system, Omar is well aware of the needs of those in our community who need a champion. Omar will fight for those in San Diego County that need it the most. The LGBTQ community, homeless communities, and those still living in poverty will find that champion in Omar.”

Robert Hubbard

Financial Services Professional

Omar’s qualifications

Omar has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and began his career evaluating the proper use of government funds in health and social services programs at the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

He is also a land use and construction attorney and has professional experience representing businesses, property owners, and public entities at the state and local level on land use and public construction matters.