[Special Episode]: The San Diego Union-Tribune County Supervisor Endorsement Interview

(click the button below to listen to the full interview - 54 minutes)

Part of the process of running for elected office involves seeking endorsements from various trade organizations, labor unions, business groups, community and advocacy groups, and news publications.  Most of the organizations that endorse political candidates provide questionnaires of varying lengths to get candidates to explain their positions on issues important to the organizations.  For example, I was endorsed by Bike San Diego, it published all of the candidates’ completed questionnaires on its website here.

For the Union-Tribune, the editorial board interview included several journalists who write about various aspects of San Diego politics and civic affairs.  The discussion was pretty conversational, but was intentionally designed to help provide the editorial board with a real picture of where I stand as a candidate, what my background is, and what I intend to push for if elected.

The Union-Tribune also published each candidates’ answers to the board’s questionnaire, you can find my answers here.

Omar Passons