Find your polling place: Early Voter Turnout in San Diego

Find your polling place: Early Voter Turnout in San Diego

Have you ever wondered what is happening in an election before the day of the election?  Well, here’s an early look! Note that if all you want is your polling place, just skip to the bottom (but you’ll miss some good info if you do)!So far, over 50,000 San Diegans have cast their vote in the Fourth Supervisor’s District race (the one I’m on the ballot for).  Here’s a snapshot of a few of the highest turnout neighborhoods. I’m excited about the passion being shown in our mid-city communities where I have been involved for more than 14 years! We have also enjoyed great success across the political spectrum in La Jolla, where I recently participated in a panel on homelessness, leadership and my biological mother’s own time on the streets in San Diego. I’ve personally talked to thousands of voters at their front doors and I’m grateful that so many San Diegans are willing to engage in this important process!

Now, I grew up in Clairemont in the mount streets and am hoping that my former neighbors all get out and repeat their awesome performance of 2014 to help us continue our surge. Powerful interests in Sacramento have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence this election but we are putting our faith in the people who live here – our fellow San Diegans. Here’s where Clairemont is now (as of 5/30) as compared to 2014 (see far left)

15-minute podcast: [Episode 1] From foster care to attorney – luck, love and the law

If you are still undecided, I’ve got a bunch of links below to better understand why my combination of relevant experience, compassion and commitment make me a great choice for your vote. I’m not willing to waste your time with ads bashing the other candidates – I’d rather share our vision of making San Diego the best place in the nation to raise a family – for everyone – and the best place to help your aging parents or grandparents live with dignity.

So far, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the San Diego Free Press and the Voice & Viewpoint have all concluded that my candidacy is the right one for our community. After interviewing all the candidates for an hour, the Union-Tribune concluded I was “easily the best choice.”  You can read their full rationale HERE or listen to my entire Union-Tribune endorsement interview HERE. We also have 15-minute podcast episodes at that last link.



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